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    Our daily mission with ZE WALL

    To provide you with an extraordinary experience.

    A professional ATP player and then tennis coach, Rémi, the founder, had one ambition:
    revolutionize the classic concrete tennis training wall.

    Thus was born ZE WALL, formerly Digi-Sports.

    10 years

    The ZE WALL adventure began 10 years ago, the fruit of a collaboration between 3 complementary personalities.


    Our French company has made a name for itself around the world thanks to its presence at the biggest sporting events.

    11 000

    Experience and know-how from over 11,000 animation days with our interactive wall since 2014.

    Our strengths


    Mastery from A to Z of the creation and design of this product, to make ZE WALL an innovation in the animation market.


    A focus on 10 years of involvement and over 11,000 days of activities, all carried out with the interactive wall, which we'll be passing on to our future partners.


    ZE WALL is an evolving concept: game programs, themes, control application functionalities... Evolve to always surprise.

    Communication tool

    ZE WALL is a dual communication tool: through the human link it creates between participants, and thanks to its marketing support in the form of the wall's customizable surroundings.
    On discute de votre projet ?

    An interactive wall made in France.

    animation scenarios
    players per hour
    minutes of assembly for 1 person
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    Our team.


    Tennis as inspiration.
    Passionate about sport, creative, self-taught, and always looking for new ideas to improve this concept for 10 years.

    Sabrina GRAMMER

    A taste for service.
    "TEAM" whether in its 20 years of catering or in sport, the priority is customer service and teamwork!
    Associate Director

    Benjamin GILBERTON

    Design of animations and support, whether in his profession as a physiotherapist or in a business setting, he gets you on your feet.
    France and Germany development

    Thierry GRAMMER

    A flair for sales.
    Passionate about soccer and sport, Thierry quickly recognized ZE WALL's potential thanks to his 14 years' experience as a sales manager.

    Chloé BUR

    The smile as a motto.
    The STAPS field, of course! Going to Canada alone to withstand an event at -20° outside is a real sport!
    Canada development

    Xavier BADINA

    Development here and there is his go-to.

    Our highlights

    For all the sporting events that set the pace in the country, turn to the ZE WALL interactive wall, leader in sports entertainment with its game programs in 10 different sports.

    They've already put their trust in us.


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