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    Discover our exclusive sports events for this year by clicking here!.

    Start your own business, diversify your activities.

    With ZE WALL, create your main or complementary activity, expand your current market, or simply take advantage of it in your company, community, association... or at home!

    Offer a unique and prestigious experience

    ZE WALL is an exclusive concept with no direct competition.
    For you, it will be a differentiating tool that you can promote thanks to our prestigious references acquired over the last 8 years, while benefiting from our experience of more than 11,000 days of interactive wall events.
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    A tailor-made, scalable business

    Develop your business full-time or as a complement to your current activity. If you're an agency or events professional, ZE WALL will enable you to increase both your customer portfolio and your sales.
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    Get customers for free

    Requests for animation made to us in your geographical area are redistributed to you free of charge. You can then continue to work with these new customers.
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    Rapid return on investment

    Thanks to a moderate, all-inclusive overall investment, you'll start earning profits on the 2nd day of the month. Your entire investment will pay for itself after around 20 days of animation.
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    An interactive wall made in France

    designed by us.

    €1275 HT/j
    Average rental price for 1 day
    Operating margin
    Number of event days to recoup investment
    Chiffres basés sur + 1200 factures réelles de prestation.
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    6 different animation universes,
    one product, 40 play programs, over 200 possible combinations.


    Soccer, Tennis, Handball, Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Padel, Fencing, Boxing, Archery, ...


    In Battle, strategy, memory and reflex games, as well as best-seller revivals: Mastermind, Snake, Simon....

    Team building

    An innovative digital session for groups of 10 to 1,000 participants...

    Alcohol & drug prevention

    Awareness-raising sessions on the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue.

    Workplace safety and PPE

    Workshops to raise awareness of personal protective equipment and the impact of a workplace accident

    Health-focus sports

    Workshops designed by physiotherapists and sports coaches, with special activities focused on seniors' independence
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    An interactive wall designed just for you.

    Event professionals

    If you are an event organizer, event agency, reception venue, communications agency, DJ, caterer or equipment hire company, ZE WALL is for you.

    Independent workers

    If you want to set up your own business or develop a complementary activity, ZE WALL makes it possible, thanks to a moderate, all-inclusive investment and one of the best returns on investment on the market.

    Town halls & local authorities

    With ZE WALL, you'll be able to use it for dozens of days a year, to entertain at all your community's high points.

    Shops, senior establishments, businesses

    With ZE WALL, you'll energize your facility's activities all year long, giving it pleasure and creating links.
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    Your future customers

    The sports world

    Competitions, pro and amateur matches and tournaments, races, sports clubs and associations...

    The businesses

    All shopping malls and businesses looking for events linked to current events all year round.

    The companies

    Seminars, training sessions, open houses, after-work events, but also team building, alcohol, drugs, and fatigue prevention, and workplace safety sessions.

    Event professionals

    To collaborate in B2B with agencies looking for innovative animations for their customers...

    Town halls and institutions

    Town parties, concerts, festivals, trade fairs, inaugurations, social and cultural centers, summer camps...

    Receptive locations

    all venues offering reception areas for hire by companies or private individuals (weddings, birthdays, cousinades, etc.).
    and many more...
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    Your package.

    An all-inclusive package,
    A ready-to-use digital wall.

    A digital wall composed of 2 modules of 16 LEDs on stands.

    Game accessories pack.

    Set of 4 panels (advertising wall surround).

    Customized transport bags for modules and panels.

    Pilot application with access to the library of 40 games.

    Communication media (photos, videos, marketing materials).

    Training video tutorials on how to use the games.

    Spare parts pack.

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    Our current partners.

    154 partenaires
    dans le monde.
    Already present in 12 countries, with many more markets to conquer for our future partners.
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    Jean-Baptiste DESHAYES
    +1 (438) 398-6323
    United Arab Emirates



    +40 original game programs

    with ZE WALL

    2 animation modes

    with a host or in self-service

    Integrated webcam

    take photos and videos during the event

    Challenge option

    with scores and player rankings

    Ready-to-use kit

    with game accessories, carrying bags....

    Easy to install

    One person

    in a car

    20 min


    on 2m2

    Would you like your own Ze Wall?

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    They tested our interactive wall.

    One of the most crowded stands in the Fan Zone!
    The Danone Nations Cup took place yesterday. And it went really well! Thank you very much for the digiwall and the creative A/R. The rendering was top-notch.
    We were one of the most crowded stands in the Fan Zone. And a big thank you to your on-site team!
    Charlotte Scalabre
    Danone Company Brand Project Manager Assistant
    A new form of inclusive activity!
    The activity itself was a great success, with youngsters lining up to try it out! We'd love to see the activity again as part of the 41st Défi sportif AlterGo! Indeed, we've seen just how popular and appreciated the activity has been by participants in the Défi sportif AlterGo 2023. Your interactive wall has enabled a new form of inclusive activity that wonderfully complements the other activities in our animation area.
    ALTERGO - Deputy Director - Partnership Development
    An innovative and unexpected incentive session!
    An innovative and unexpected incentive session that motivates teams around a playful objective that calls as much on physical skills - reflexes/coordination - as on strategic and human ones, team coordination, finesse, strategy... A fine synthesis! With rhythm and perfect supervision.
    Audrey LEGENTIL
    Human Resources Manager