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    Become a Ze Wall distributor.

    ZE WALL is already present in 12 countries worldwide. It's a fast-growing market with great potential. You can become a ZE WALL national distributor in your country, or simply a reseller with some of the most attractive commissions in the industry.

    Sell a product without equal in the world

    Sell a product without equal in the world

    ZE WALL is a product with no real competition. There's no other concept capable of producing animations with such different themes, all with a single device. ZE WALL is the "Swiss Army knife" of interactive digital animation.
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    Distribute a scalable concept

    Distribute a scalable concept

    Your customers will appreciate that ZE WALL evolves regularly: new themes, new game programs, new application features... Designed to evolve and always surprise!
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    A formidable business model

    A formidable business model

    Whether you become a distributor or a reseller, you'll benefit from some of the most attractive margins and commissions on the market. You can also combine distribution with the rental of your ZE WALL premises.
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    What are you waiting for?

    With reseller status, you can launch your business for an all-inclusive investment of less than €20,000 by becoming the owner of your ZE WALL demonstration wall.
    If you'd like to become a national distributor, you'll be able to benefit from exclusivity, so you can launch your ZE WALL business with complete peace of mind.
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    Your future customers

    Event professionals

    Event agencies, communication agencies, event organizers, DJs, caterers, equipment rental companies...


    who want to set up their own business, change profession, or develop a complementary activity.

    Local authorities and institutions

    Town halls, local authorities, social and cultural centers, police, gendarmerie, fire departments, training and apprenticeship centers...

    The silver economy

    Retirement homes, nursing homes, senior residences, hospitals, care and rehabilitation centers...

    Reception and leisure facilities

    Hotels, seminar venues, wedding and private event rooms, children's play centers, escape games, soccer and padel sports complexes...

    Companies, shops

    Shopping centers, retail outlets and shopping malls, companies for internal use, trade fairs and exhibitions...
    Do you have an animation project or would you like to buy ZE WALL?
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    They tested
    ZE WALL.

    Finally, an activity that brings people together!
    The service was perfect. The staff were delighted with the game, and unanimously appreciated it. Whether people were sporty or more reflective, they all quickly got into the game. Finally, an activity that brings people together regardless of age, status or level + the creation of group cohesion. The mix of teams allowed people to connect. The game opens up to exchange and all this is duplicated with a mix of teams. Some profiles emerge from the challenge.
    Maxime Mayant
    Columbus Café Canada - CEO
    The game was such a hit!
    You were professional, friendly, and so very fun! You brought enthusiastic energy to notonly the game, which drew the attention and participation of a large audience, but to the whole party in general. The game was such a hit and you were both so accommodating inensuring people knew the various game options and in demonstrating just how fun and competitive the game could be. We could not have hoped for a better engagement and we have you to thank for making it such a draw.
    Jodi Mcburney
    Dentalcorp - Senior Director, Partner Experience and Events
    You shone!
    First of all, thank you Digi-Sports for all the great times we've had together! You shone all day, you made my team shine. We always have a good time with you. We're delighted!
    Julien Tougeron
    Chairman CCIFC