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    Improve your seniors’ quality of life with our ZE WALL interactive wall!


    Interactive entertainment for the well-being of seniors!

    Retirement homes play a vital role in the lives of our elders, providing a place of comfort and security. However, the well-being of our seniors is a priority. To meet these pressing needs: the interactive wall ZE WALL combines the comfort of home with the pleasure of interactive animation. Discover how our innovative interactive wall concept can transform your retirement home. A place where fun and well-being meet 🏡

    Offer customized entertainment by SPORTGAMES :

    For us, entertainment is not limited to traditional activities. Thanks to our interactive wall ZE WALL interactive wall, we offer a fun, educational and personalized experience for your residents. Everyone can join in the fun! While working on reflexes, memory and agility… all at their fingertips 👍🏼

    Technology for the joy of living:

    The interactive wall is designed to stimulate the mind, promote exercise and encourage socialization. It offers an engaging, personalized experience that awakens the curiosity and enthusiasm of your residents 🤩

    A passion for quality of life:

    We’re committed to constantly improving the quality of life for your seniors, thanks to our interactive wall. The creativity and fun it offers make for unforgettable moments. While staying connected to other seniors 🔗

    Offering your seniors an exceptional quality of life is essential! Our interactive wall ZE WALL is here to help you do just that, in a fun and innovative way. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together! Let’s make your retirement home a place where fun, learning and togetherness are at the heart of everything you offer.

    Thanks to our partner SPORTGAMES for revolutionizing the lives of our residents in Rouen! 💪🏻

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