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    PLACE AUX JEUX unveils the interactive wall at the Auvergne travel show!

    place aux jeux au salon des voyages

    Our partner ZE WALL named PLACE AUX JEUX recently had the opportunity to shine at the Clermont-Ferrand travel show, held on January 20 and 21, 2024. This landmark event was the first major trade show dedicated to the world of tourism in the heart of France, attracting travel enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

    The team at PLACE AUX JEUX team took the opportunity to present our flagship product, the interactive wall, to a public eager to discover new things. Thanks to this innovation, PLACE AUX JEUX became the focal point of the show, attracting visitors’ attention with the unique concept of the interactive wall.

    Energizing the show

    One of the most captivating features of the interactive wall ZE WALL was its use to organize battles between show participants. Visitors had the chance to engage in 1-on-1 competitions, creating a fun and unique atmosphere. The various battles highlighted the engaging and entertaining features of the interactive ZE WALL wall, leaving a lasting

    The Auvergne travel show provided PLACE AUX JEUX an ideal platform to connect with international travel pioneers, tourism and entertainment professionals, and curious visitors in search of unique experiences. The team was delighted to share the product and get visitors excited about the possibilities offered by the interactive wall.

    This successful participation in the Clermont-Ferrand travel show reinforces the position of PLACE AUX JEUX s position as a benchmark in the entertainment sector. The company remains committed to creating memorable experiences and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the entertainment sector.

    Stay tuned for future appearances of the interactive wall ZE WALL !

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