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    Boosting shopping centers with ephemeral events


    The unforgettable Hockey Days experience at Docks 76 in Rouen:

    Shopping centers are often the beating heart of our cities, but how can we make them even more lively and attractive? Ephemeral events are the key, as demonstrated by the resounding success of Hockey Days at Docks 76 in Rouen, brought to life by our partner ZE WALL , SPORTGAMES .

    Docks 76 recently underwent a spectacular transformation, thanks to a unique event: Hockey Days. Energy, enthusiasm and dynamism invaded the mall, attracting visitors of all ages for a memorable experience.

    At the heart of this metamorphosis was the ZE WALL interactive wall by SPORTGAMES an innovative partnership that put everyone right at the heart of the action. This interactive wall was the catalyst for a series of frenzied battles, where participants competed in challenges as fun as they were competitive.

    The benefits of ephemeral events in shopping malls :

    1. Strengthening social ties: ephemeral events create a convivial atmosphere, encouraging interaction between visitors. Field hockey Days encouraged spontaneous encounters, strengthening the social fabric of the local community.

    2. Attracting new audiences: ephemeral events have the power to attract a diversity of audiences. Les Docks 76 welcomed not only field hockey fans, but also curious onlookers who were seduced by the surrounding excitement.

    3. Increased traffic and sales: A busy mall is a successful mall. Field hockey Days generated an influx of visitors, stimulating business and offering retailers a unique opportunity to promote their products.

    4. Creating lasting memories: ephemeral events leave a lasting impression on participants. Wild battles on the interactive wall ZE WALL by SPORTGAMES will remain engraved in visitors’ memories, creating a positive experience associated with the mall.

    5. Innovation and modernity: integrating interactive technologies like the interactive wall ZE WALL by SPORTGAMES gives the shopping center a modern, innovative image, positioning it as a dynamic venue in tune with current trends. Field hockey Days at Docks 76 proved that ephemeral events can revolutionize the shopping experience. By embracing this innovative approach, shopping centers can not only meet their audiences’ expectations, but exceed them, creating unique and unforgettable moments. SPORTGAMES and Docks 76 have written a new page in the book of shopping entertainment!

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    Exploring Soft Skills: a rewarding day with SPORTGAMES!


    In a friendly atmosphere conducive to discovery, the OGEC staff and teaching team at Institut Sainte Cécile de Châteaudun recently enjoyed an exceptional experience. Last Friday, thanks to our partner SPORTGAMES our interactive wall was the setting for an innovative workshop focusing on the development of soft skills. Bringing a new dimension to the way we perceive our human skills.

    Discovering yourself and others :

    The workshop paved the way for a deeper exploration of ourselves and our colleagues. Stimulating activities enabled everyone to highlight their unique skills, talents and strengths. It’s a valuable opportunity for constructive self-reflection and a better understanding of the wealth of skills present in our team.

    Confirmations and surprises :

    As the day progressed, confirmations emerged, validating the skills already identified. But the workshop was also full of surprises, revealing unsuspected talents and hidden skills. This dynamic added a touch of novelty and stimulation to the day! Reinforcing the diversity of skills present within the team.

    Benevolent team cohesion :

    One of the most striking aspects of the day was the emphasis placed on team cohesion. The activities, carefully designed by SPORTGAMES encouraged collaboration and communication within the group. Kindness was the guiding principle, creating an environment conducive to personal growth and strengthening interpersonal bonds.

    ZE WALL, facilitator:

    Our interactive wall, ZE WALL by SPORTGAMES, played a central role in the success of the workshop. It served as an interactive platform, enabling active and dynamic participation. The functionalities of the interactive wall were exploited to create an immersive experience. Making the exploration of soft skills as captivating as it is productive.

    This day of soft skills exploration with SPORTGAMES on the interactive wall ZE WALL will be one to remember. Discovering yourself and others, pleasant confirmations and inspiring surprises. Helping to create an even more dynamic and collaborative working environment!

    An epic team building for 80 employees by PLACE AUX JEUX!
    The art of energizing your stand at a trade show: attracting crowds with creativity!
    PLACE AUX JEUX unveils the interactive wall at the Auvergne travel show!
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